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Corny commercials, with tacky slogan’s…for the most part, I grew up hating marketing.
It wasn’t until I was much older that I would discover it wasn’t marketing I hated, it was bad marketing.

I came to understand that true marketing is helping brands find their voice. And being a megaphone in all directions announcing the truly fantastic and innovative products and services these great entrepreneur’s are giving their lives to offer.

Today we find ourselves in the social and digital age. The ways people learn about local businesses has changed. The expectation for small businesses to have a great brand image with professional video and photo, is only increasing.

Unfortunately, that is only half of the issue at hand for small business owners today. With all the other plates to spin, finding the time to undertake such projects is daunting already, let alone the large amount of resources previously needed to create such material and content of quality.

When we created Provident Media, we knew we would need to solve each of these challenges.
Doing so looked like engineering a completely new process of content creation and tailoring marketing service offerings specifically for local businesses. Quality and affordability were the two goals we poised our every ambition to achieve.

Today, we can say with pride we have accomplished these goals, and we are seeing the
dramatic positive effect in the health of our client’s businesses every day. We believe our success is not happenstance, but the direct result of an ethos running deep through our entire company;

To everyday be the best we can be. And everyday do the best we can do.

Be our best. Do our best.



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